kumkum bhagya  21th July 2021 Episode 1902….

bg_collapse view=”link” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Show More” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]kumkum Bhagya 20th july 2021 online: kumkum bhagya is the most watching Indian drama serial  2 on ZEE Tv .kumkum bhagya is the most popular and famous drama serial all over the world .millions of people are like this drama serial.

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1 ABHI 2 PREGIA 3 TANU.4 RANVEER 5 RYHA 6 ALIA 7 per kanji are the main actors of this drama serial Kumkum bhagya.


ABHI has two wives one is  pregia which is his love merge

Ryha is the daughter of abhi from his second wife.

Ranveer is the boy that he loves per kanji her nike name is Rajni.


In these episodes the story of Abhi daughters are starts .per kanji and Ranveer are love to each other .they wants to marry with each other.  ryha wants to merry with ranveer.

ryha wants to achieve Ranveer love .for this perpous she always make a plan to create the hate in Ranveer heart.  just like her mother tanu.in the episode 1878 Ryha get success to win the Ranveer hearts .

rayah make a plan with their friends and her mother. She began to start
blackmailing’s to the per kanji.


Ryha said to per kanji if she does not leave the Ranveer . she began to against  her mother pregia

she never come close to each other by a secrets plan . prtigya thakur

ryha gives her two options 1 she love her mother or love Ranveer.per kanji scarify her love she left ranveer .perkanji said to ranveer she does not love him

She said..! ryha has true love for you . perkanji advised him to merry with ryha ranveer

he began to start hate to perkanji.

atlast ranveer agreed to mery with ryha .

merrage shopping began to start at the end scene of merrage.!

some body (krishna )tell the Ranveer this is the planning of ryha . her mother tanu  suddenly he refused the merrage with ryha .he stop the merrage funtion . Ranveer goes to the per kanji .she has the true love for Ranveer. in Ranveer clarify the situation .began to agree with him.if you like this drama serial the press word ki.

per kanji express her true love.pregia, ranveer and perkanji meet at one place .abhi saw them .he hate the peregia.

it is the success of her mother . To see the next episode , planning of ryha and her mother tanu .

To see what happen with pregia.

what happen her daughter per kanji ?

what happen to Ranveer ?

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Watch kumkum bhagya  21th July  2021 Online. kumkum bhagya is a Hindi serial. ZEE TV is the best forum to watch kumkum bhagya 21th July  2021 Online HD results. Watch kumkum bhagya  21th July  2021 Online
Broadcast Date:21th July  2021
Recording Root: Vkspeed/Vk prime
Distributed By: ZEE Tv


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